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The International Section consists of both primary and secondary levels. It is staffed by fully accredited Belgian teachers and offers a curriculum determined by the Belgian Ministry of the French Speaking Community.
Its structure
The Primary Section is integrated into the International Section which combines the primary and secondary levels. It is especially aimed at nationalities who do not organize a national section. The lessons are from 8.45 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 15.30; on Wednesdays from 8.45 to 12.00. The International Primary Section occupies the building 714 and one part of the 702 building floor.
Its organization
It mostly applies to one the host country, the Communauté Française whose Minister of the Education sets the syllabus of the studies, gets the inspection to check the quality of the teaching and appoints the members of the staff. Referring to the general directives, the educational team has drawn up an educational project specific to the Section . Adaptation teachers help the students to follow the curriculum of the Section.
As in the other Belgian schools, each head of the family has to choose for his child the philosophical lesson of his choice: whether one of the religion lessons or the "morale laïque" lesson. The students also get one period of gymnastics and one period meant for swimming. Moreover they frequent every week the computer laboratory where they start learning to use the computer language. The school library is open to the children and the teacher. Each year, the students take part in change of scene classes of at least 3 days: green classes, sea classes, circus classes, linguistic classes organized in specialized places in Belgium or abroad. During the year, several integrated activities gather the children of the different sections. The Primary Level consists of 6 years classes, approved by the "Certificat d'Etudes de Base (CEB)" which gives access to the secondary level.
The International features of the section
If the teaching is given in French, the Section welcomes warmly the other languages and cultures. Indeed, from the very first year, the Section organizes an English class. An accelerated French class given every day allows a rapid integration of the foreign students. Concerning the Italian students, the 6th grade of the International Primary Section correspond to the 1st media. They have an Italian language and culture class given by a teacher delegated by the Italian State.
The Secondary level
The secondary level also consists of 6 years and follows the standard Belgian curriculum. Admission to the first year of study is granted upon achievement of Elementary Studies (Certificat d'Etudes de Base - CEB). For non-Belgian students, enrolment in the process of the six-years cycle requires equivalency in the cursus.

A certificate of "Middle School" is granted at the end of the first three years and the certificate of secondary studies (High School) is granted at the end of the six year cycle and gives access to higher education.
The first cycle of studies (grades 1 and 2) is oriented on general studies: French, mathematics, English, history, geography, etc...). Nevertheless, the students will have to determine the orientation between latin and social sciences. From the third year, the range of the different options is enlarged: language, sciences, latin, social and economic sciences.
Starting at the third grade, students may choose different orientations: languages, sciences, economics, latin...) Further information concerning specific courses offered in each program is available at the secretariat of the section.

The language of instruction is French. A special course in French as a foreign language is offered to non-native speakers.

Numerous cultural and sport activities are available.

The International Secondary Section is located in building 705-705-A

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